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It is our responsibility to ensure that every student has the best possible education. We achieve this by having exceptionally high expectations of teaching staff and students as well as focusing on the importance of always striving to do better.

By choosing Thornaby Academy, parents can be certain they are selecting the best school for their child; one where they will not only succeed academically, but will benefit from a wide range of enrichment activities and opportunities. As a student, you will be coming to a school that has a caring, child centred approach but ultimately focussed on outcomes and providing opportunities to raise aspirations.

Thornaby Academy is committed to a child centred Transition process in which the individual needs of students are identified and supported. In order to achieve this we work in close collaboration with our partner primary schools to share information and best practice.

The Pastoral care offered to students at Thornaby Academy is second to none. Our team of pastoral specialists combine a child centred and caring ethos with many years of experience supporting young people. The pastoral team ensure that students have the best possible transition from Year 6 into Year 7. Moving to secondary school is an exciting time in a child’s life but it can also lead to anxieties for both children and parents.

During the Transition process we invest time in getting to know the students so they are familiar with the key staff around the school; staff who are always available to offer help or re-assurance where needed. We ensure the most common worries like ‘who do I go to if I have a problem?’, ‘what do I do if I don’t feel well?’, and ‘what if I get lost?’ are answered before students join us. Our aim is that, at the end of Transition process, students feel excited about joining us.

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